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What's in the pot?

Real sugaring paste is made from all natural food grade ingredients​ like sugar, lemon juice, and water.​ I have been making my own paste for as long as I've been practicing sugaring. 


Why wax when you can sugar?

Sugaring is a natural method of hair removal using sugar, lemon and water. There are many benefits to switching from wax to sugar.

​1.  Sugaring h​urts less because it does not adhere to your live skin cells, and will not rip off any live skin.

2.  It is 100% natural so there is very little risk of a skin reaction

3.  It is applied luke warm so it will never burn you.

4.  You will notice less breakage and fewer ingrown hairs 

5.  It will last much longer than your traditional wax

6.  Sugaring is safe for use when pregnant

7.  Most waxes are made primarily of resins and can contain a​rtificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals and preservatives.

Sugaring Tips:

1.  Sugaring can only catch hair that is about 1/4 inch long when it comes to sugaring every area of the body, except the face.  My commitment to you is to get every hair possible that is long enough.

2.  To get the best possible results, please allow at least 10 days growth from the last time you shaved.

3.  LEGS!  Leg sugaring is almost as popular as the bikini and brazilian. Hair that is too short or just beneath the skin cannot be removed or tweezed.  Shorter hairs have a different "age" than hair that is 1/4" or longer.  Therefore it is typical to feel a little prickly underneath.  In most cases, this is just secondary hair growth and you can plan in advance of a big event.

4.  Yes, your legs will feel great after your first sugaring but they will feel even better after multiple cycles.

5.  Last tip for now: the longer you can go without shaving, the more hair that will be at 1/4 inch or longer and the smoother your legs will feel!​

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